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In recent years there has been an increase in recreational traffic with consequent increase in incidents against swimmers, some of which were fatal, Also not to be overlooked is the presence, on the surface, jellyfish. From this was born the need to design and patent pool outboard, designed by the engineer Naval Paolino Napolitano.




The floating pool,  MAGIC SWIM® sailing, has been conceived as a moment of total relaxation for bathing, ensuring both fun and safety. MAGIC SWIM® sailing It has been realized with innovative materials, very durable, lightweight. MAGIC SWIM® sailing  weighs  9 kg for size Sailing S  and 16 kg for size Sailing XL(see: technical information) . For that reason MAGIC SWIM® sailing  It can be easily placed in any type of hold thanks to its small size in bags that includes ( see technical data).

MAGIC SWIM® sailing It is installed without effortlessly in about 5 minutes, you just have to inflate. MAGIC SWIM® sailing  is made of a floating part, inflatable easily through normal compressors , and a submerged part made of a material  mesh PVC, so as to guarantee the maximum resistance of the structure, and a natural recirculation of the water inside the pool. The pool depth varies from 1.0 meters to 1.5 meters , with semi rigid bottom allowing occupants to walk, the depth can be customized.

MAGIC SWIM® sailing  it’s attached to the boat by 4 ropes linked to stern cleats.




standard colors:  Blue


Customize color : Orange      White        Gray




You can customize your boat with a serigraph on the floor of the MAGIC SWIM® sailing. Normally the size of the serigraph is about 1.3 meters. The cost of this serigraph depends on the size and type of the image or writing.




MAGIC SWIM® sailing comes in a bag that opens 270°. This allows the user to take it out and put it in very easily.The sizes of the bags differs based on the size of the pool chosen.

Sailing S     size bag   65 x 65 x 25 cm

Sailing XL   size bag   65 x 75 x 25 cm


MAGIC SWIM® sailing  is internationally patented.

MAGIC SWIM® sailing  is made completely designed and manufactured in Italy.

MAGIC SWIM® sailing  comes with a 2 year warranty.

MAGIC SWIM® sailing    is in according to the follow directives:

                                                   2001/95/EC     on the safety of general product.

                                                   2005/323/EC    general safety of water games.


For sailing boat wide from 2.0 mt to 3 mt

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : 9 Kg

- Persons : 3

- Dimension pool : 2,5 mt x  3 mt

- Dimension bag : 65x65x25 cm

- Depth pool : 1.5 mt


For sailing boat wide from 3.1 mt to 4.5 mt

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : 16 Kg

- Persons : 5

- Dimension pool : 2,5 mt x  4.3 mt

- Dimension bag : 65x75x25 cm

- Depth pool : 1.5 mt


For sailing boat wide from 4.6 mt to 10 mt

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : custom

- Persons : custom

- Dimension pool : custom

- Dimension bag : custom

- Depth pool : custom

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