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The company EUROSHIP srl manufactures in Italy and sells worldwide pools outboard for boats since 2009, given the interest that MAGIC SWIM aroused in the world has designed a floating pool for tourist structures.




MAGIC SWIM® reef  is ideal for all tourist facilities that do not have direct access to the beach or who insist on a reef, designed by the naval engineer  Paolino Napolitano. This pool float, called MAGIC SWIM® reef  , was conceived as a moment of total relaxation for bathing especially children, ensuring both fun and safety. MAGIC SWIM® reef  is realized with innovative materials, highly resistant to salt corrosion and UV sunlight for extended periods of time in sea water. MAGIC SWIM® reef  is produced in 4 different sizes: reef 10 , reef20 ,reef30 ,reef40 (see technical specification) it is anchored to the seabed by means of peaks using anchors or moorings depending on the depth of the sea in the area of installation, but above is installable in about 15 minutes, MAGIC SWIM® reef  is resistant to conditions of rough sea and strong winds. MAGIC SWIM® reef  is constituted of a floating in double chamber anti-hole. MAGIC SWIM® reef  is inflatable easily through normal compressors on the market, and a submerged part made of a material with high resistance  PVC MESH, so as to guarantee the maximum resistance of the structure, and a natural recirculation of the water inside the pool. The maximum depth of the pool is 1.5 meters in the center while the minimum along the perimeter is 0.8 mt allowing occupants also to walk as well as swimming and sunbathing on the open sea, the depth can be customized . MAGIC SWIM® reef  protects the occupants from jellyfish and other marine animals. At the end of summer MAGIC SWIM® reef  is deflated and stored in the bag supplied transpiring (see technical specification) . MAGIC SWIM® reef  can be customized in colors and screen prints of the bottom. MAGIC SWIM® reef  is arranged for the installation of various accessories such as: floating beds, Facilities for water games,ecc. ecc. that can also be integrated later .




Standard colors: blue


Custom colors:  orange ; white : gray




You can draw the bottom of the pool.




MAGIC SWIM® reef comes in a bag that opens 270°. This allows the user to take it out and put it in very easily.

The sizes of the bags differs based on the size of the pool chosen.

Size Reef   10   size bag    65 cm x 85 cm x 25 cm

Size  Reef  20   size bag    65 cm x 95 cm x 25 cm.

Size  Reef  30   size bag    65 cm x 105 cm x 25 cm.

Size  Reef  40   size bag    65 cm x 115 cm x 25 cm.

MAGIC SWIM® reef  is internationally patented.

MAGIC SWIM® reef  is made completely designed and manufactured in Italy.

MAGIC SWIM® reef  comes with a 2 year warranty.

MAGIC SWIM® reef   is in according to the follow directives:

                                                   2001/95/EC     on the safety of general product.

                                                   2005/323/EC    general safety of water games.

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : 24 Kg

- Persons : 10

- Dimension pool : 4 mt x  4 mt

- Dimension bag : 65x85x25 cm

- Depth pool : 1.5 mt

size  Reef 10
size  Reef 20

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : 29 Kg

- Persons : 20

- Dimension pool : 4 mt x 6 mt

- Dimension bag : 65x95x25 cm

- Depth pool : 1.5 mt

size  Reef 30

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : 33 Kg

- Persons : 30

- Dimension pool : 5 mt x 6 mt

- Dimension bag : 65x105x25 cm

- Depth pool : 1.5 mt

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : 40 Kg

- Persons : 40

- Dimension pool : 5 mt x 8 mt

- Dimension bag : 65x115x25 cm

- Depth pool : 1.5 mt

size  Reef 40

- Inflatable coating : POLYURETHANE

- Fabric pool  : AVION MARINE

- Coating bottom : PVC MESH

- Weight pool : custom

- Persons : custom

- Dimension pool : custom

- Dimension bag : custom

- Depth pool : custom

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